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I began studying holistic therapies in 2015 whilst still working in Human Resources. I knew I wanted to do something different but I wasn’t sure what so I decided on a diploma in Holistic Massage. I had recently discovered its many health benefits and was eager to learn more. That diploma changed the course of my life forever and I met the most wonderful people, many of whom are still a part of my life today.

To this day it is one of the best decisions I ever made. From there I went on to study various other therapies including deep tissue cupping, hopi ear candling, holistic nutrition and reflexology. I fell in love with reflexology and everything it encompassed.

During the course of my holistic studies I had two beautiful babies. I have practiced massage and reflexology on both my babies from when they were newborns and the results were nothing short of amazing!

Becoming a Mother transformed the way I viewed holistic therapies, I realised that I was now able to instil this way of life into my own children so they would grow up knowing and practicing self care unlike myself and others who’ve had to discover it later in life. I am very passionate about sharing this information with other parents in a supportive and informative way.

I love treating clients in my beautiful Relaxation Room and also offer in person baby wellness sessions and classes in Leixlip.

For me, being “holistic” is a way of life. It is not a “quick fix” or a “nice idea”. It is a collection of rituals that enable us to stay balanced, present and healthy.

As I continue to learn and grow as a therapist I hope my knowledge and skills can benefit others and enable them to better look after themselves and their families health and well-being.

Reflexology is a gentle therapy based on the principle that all the systems of the body are mapped out in reflex points on the feet, hands or face. It is mostly associated with the feet as they are the most sensitive.

Using specific thumb and finger techniques, reflexologists can stimulate approximately 7,500 nerve endings in the feet, helping to bring the body back to balance/homeostasis.

Reflexology is not a new concept, in fact its origins date as far back as ancient China and Egypt (2330 B.C.). Today it has become a popular complimentary therapy as it treats the body as a whole, not just specific areas, thus treating the whole person and not just the problem area.

Reflexology works by clearing blockages/congestion from specific areas of the body. This congestion can sometimes feel like grittiness under the skin to the reflexologist and may feel tender to the client. Often this congestion can lead to imbalances in the body and can show up in the form of illnesses or chronic disorders.

Reflexology is deeply relaxing and has many benefits from boosting immunity to improving sleep. It is suitable for all ages at all stages, from newborn to end of life.

Treatments available in The Relaxation Room:

Individual Reflexology - as no two people are the same, every treatment at The Relaxation Room is tailored to suit your individual needs. At the core of each session, we focus on deep relaxation and restoring any imbalances that you may be experiencing. Imbalances in the body can present in various forms including illnesses such as IBS, migraines, anxiety, insomnia and a weakened immune system

Maternity Reflexology - a relaxing treatment to help ease some of the common ailments experienced during pregnancy such as backache, sciatica, insomnia and anxiety,

Mum (and Baby) Reflexology (Newborn - 8 weeks old) - A relaxing postpartum treatment where baby is welcome to come along if you wish. Focusing on relaxing and rebalancing your body. If baby needs to be fed or cuddled that's no problem, it can all be done from the comfort of the lafuma chair. I will also show you some reflexology points for baby too! This treatment is perfect for those early weeks when Mum needs lots of TLC.

Fertility Reflexology - a relaxing and restorative treatment that focuses on the endocrine, reproductive and nervous systems to help restore imbalances and assist you on your fertility journey.

Cancer Care Reflexology - a very gentle, supportive and relaxing treatment to help those who have had cancer or those who are currently living with cancer manage their symptoms

Holisitc Sinus and Reflexology Treatment (I hour 15 mins) - a practical, effective and relaxing treatment. Includes a combinatuon of facial steam, lymphatic facial cupping, facial massage, reflexology, ayurveda and aromatherapy. It is excellent for those who suffer with sinusitis, rhinitis, headaches/migraines, tonsilitis and colds.

Aroma Reflexology - A combination treatment of Reflexology and Aromatherapy using a prescribed blend just for you. Two amazingly powerful therapies in their own right, but together they work in perfect synchronicity. One complimenting the other to allow for deeper restoration and relaxation. Reflexology and Aromatherapy can be extremely effective at reducing pain and inflammation in the body. It can help alleviate symptoms of common chronic disorders and illness such as IBS, Migraine, Arthritis, PMS, Anxiety, Insomnia and many more. This treatment includes an aromatherapy blend for the client to use as part of their self-care practice at home

Lymphatic Reflexology - a very gentle yet targeted treatment. It focusses on stimulating the lymphatic reflexes on the feet to bring about a positive change in the lymphatic system of the body. It is a very effective way of stimulating the body’s own response to reduce swelling, clear out toxins and blockages and boost our ability to fight infection.

Lymphatic Reflexology is excellent for those who:

*get recurrent colds/sore throats etc.

*suffer with oedema

*have low energy levels

*are preparing to start treatment for cancer or receiving treatment for cancer and post cancer treatments

*have an autoimmune illnesses such as Parkinson’s or MS

*are preparing for surgery and post-surgery

*do not or cannot take much exercise

To Book - Email:


Please allow 1 hour and 15 mins for your first treatment.

An aromatherapy self-care blend can be added to any reflexology treatment!

Baby wellness, baby massage, baby reflexology, baby classes

Potty Training - now available!

Available as;

  1. 1:1 support via Zoom
  2. Parents guide to Potty Training - an emailed guide to getting starting and navigating the process.
  3. Group sessions - workshops via Zoom

Email to book or for more information.

1:1 Baby Massage and Reflexology - 1 to 1 sessions are a great option for parents who would like to know the basics of baby massage/reflexology but are unable to attend a set of classes. 1:1's can be arranged online via zoom or in person.

To book a 1:1 please email Susan at

Baby Wellness Classes

These classes are held in-person.

Each class focuses on a different massage and reflexology routine to encourage bonding with your baby and promote overall health and wellness.
They also provide you with an opportunity to meet other parents in a supportive setting.

Baby yoga

Baby yoga classes are a great way to integrate postnatal care and relaxation into a parent and child bonding exercise.

This class is fun, informal, friendly, and relaxed all rolled into one! Suitable for pre-crawling babies and parents do not need any previous yoga experience.

Over the course of 5 weeks we will join together to explore baby yoga in a supportive environment through the six elements of;
*Parent calm
*Parent stretch
*Baby warm up
*Parent and baby regulation
*Baby moves and
*Cool down

For more information on any of my classes or to register your interest please email Susan at

A treatment from Susan is a little piece of heaven. Her gentle & warm personality instantly makes for a warm welcome & a cosy space to unwind & relax. After the reflexology treatment I was remarkably better, tension eased in my shoulders & a general sense of well being prevailed. I am already looking forward to my next treatment.


Thank you so very much for my Reflexology treatment. The deep relaxation was amazing. Your touch so nurturing and caring. I slept so deeply. I was completely relaxed, the minute I stepped into your beautiful treatment room and your passion shines through as a therapist. I highly recommend Reflexology with Susan. Thank you so very much, I am looking forward to my next session already.


Had the most lovely experience, a beautiful space, and felt instantly at ease. Susan is amazing at what she does, so relaxing and could feel the positive effects immediately.


We really struggled with night-time sleep before we met you, as soon as we started the classes all the problems were gone!


The four week baby reflexology course was absolutely brilliant. Susan was so engaging, which can be hard to accomplish over Zoom. The lessons along with the notes were so helpful each week. My baby loved it.


Susan is a very patient teacher, easy knowing she has little ones herself as she understands the challenges of doing reflexology on babies and is brilliant at explaining the different steps. It's really made me aware of the benefits for my little guy.


I highly recommend The Relaxation Room. My treatment of reflexology from Susan was very relaxing. Susan's presence made me relax from the onset, she had a lovely way of encouraging that. I also very much appreciated the feedback at the end of the treatment, and I felt so much lighter leaving.


I chose the digestion reflexology workshop as my little one was having trouble with constipation at times and thought it may help. Susan was so lovely and put me at ease from the start, she explained everything really well. As a first-time mum during COVID-19, it was lovely to have someone to give advice. I would highly recommend the workshops to parents. I will be signing up for more in the future. Thanks Susan!


The Relaxation Room